L’escargot Anglais Ltd has originated from The Credenhill Snail Farm in beautiful Herefordshire. Founder Anthony Vaughan handed over the reigns to Environmental Designer and wild food enthusiast Richard Fishbourne who ensures the continued supply of a delicious product produced with care and consideration. We are very proud of the snails that we supply. Having farmed snails for nearly 20 years we realised that the finest edible snails were Helix pomatia and we shifted our production in the mid 2000’s to secure a natural harvesting program. This move in part originated from the supply of the fabulous Fat Duck’s ‘snail porridge’, Heston Blumenthal's unique restaurant in Bray. We now supply our snail meats to many of the finest restaurants in the UK including Covent Garden's The Balthazar, Soho's iconic L’escargot, La Petite Maison and Dinner at Heston at The Mandarin Oriental. Our product is unrivaled in succulence or value.

"L’escargot anglais is a wonderful name for a wonderful company"

Helen (owner), La Madeleine Hereford